Out with the old and in with the New

God has been tremendously good to us this past 2015! So many things were able to be done for His glory!!! Along with the regular, tedious, and not so glorious but absolutely essential and important work of daily teaching little ones in the classrooms, raising our family, teaching and preaching the Word; here are some of the more exciting highlights of the year:

- Renovation of school and gym grounds
- Travel to India and the United States
- Finding a new home to rent
- Enclosing porches to create new classrooms and protect against rain damage
- Matthew's Surgery: Matthew had been seriously burned from falling into boiling oil. Though most of his body has recovered through medical intervention, the accident left his right hand deformed. God being so good He provided the funds through an NGO for a successful operation and is now undergoing physiotherapy to regain use of his right hand. He is a real sweet and smiley little guy!

- Baby Dora: We thank God for the opportunity to be involved in Baby Dora's short life and in the lives of her family as well. Unfortunately she passed away late last year. We are thankful that now she is in a place of no pain and has a glorious new body.

- Our family is especially thankful and blessed by the safe and peaceful birth of our 5th baby blessing, Galilee Shaanti Osebreh
 This past year was very eventful and full. We are thankful for its joyous end with many family members coming from Cameroon, India, and other parts of Ghana. Lots of fun, great fellowship, many essential planning and strategizing meetings, lots of sicknesses/viruses and other challenges thrown into the mix too! 

   This new year began with health challenges right off the bat and the usual ministry challenges. All these pale in comparison to the Great News we could hear and witness! Sophia, Matthew's mom, was immersed into Christ this past Tuesday!!! It is so exciting to rejoice with our new sister in Christ. So much work has been put into the laying of a solid foundation with her. It was truly a team effort of many who played a part in bringing her to this point, but special kudos to Margaret who spent time weekly teaching her from the Scriptures.  What  an awesome way to begin the year of 2016!!!
If the purpose of this grand effort of starting and running a daycare is only so that we could meet and influence Sophia to become a Christian, it is all worth it! I am excited to see all God has in store for us all this year!!!




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