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Youth Camp 2013

This year's Youth Camp for older teens was held in the village of Akokoaso! We had about 20 campers from all over Ghana and Togo. The theme of the camp was "Warriors For Christ"!  We had great teaching from a variety of men, had fun and challenging activities, camp fires, etc.  We had a true village experience as Akokoaso has no running water or electricity and we topped off all the warrior challenges with a hike to a mountain in a nearby village. It was a long 4 hour hike led by Mr. Jeff Hostetter and a local camper as guide. We had a great team of volunteers from the church who helped everything to be a success. It was encouraging to see many develop their French abilities just to help communicate with our francophone Togo campers.

Kid's Camp 2013

In August 2013, we had the first kids camp we've ever had. The age range was from 10 to 14. It was held in Kumasi, but we had participants from all over the country. It was great and exciting! The theme was "Bible Basics Bootcamp". We gave an overview of the Patriarchal Age, the Mosaic Age, and also the Christian Age. We also had lots of skits, Bible videos, activities and crafts, and also great recreation! The Camp was a great opportunity for our youth in the church to serve as team leaders and dorm dads and moms. We also really appreciated having volunteers visiting from the States, Mrs. Ivy Brothers, Mrs. Melissa Lewis, and Tiffany Moore who helped out and were a personal encouragement to us during this time!  It was a great success and the kids were REALLY excited about everything!!! It was fun to teach such an excited group! Many kept asking us if we were going to do it weekly like Bible club or an all summer VBS. To say the least, they've encouraged us to do i…

An Update on our Daycare Centre

A highlight of our summer was being blessed to have Ivy Brothers, Melissa Lewis, and Tiffany Moore come visit us from the US! I went down to Accra to meet them at the airport. We spent the night in Accra and visited two families in the Church there.
As soon as we arrived in Kumasi, we had an hour to get ready and then it was time for the first annual closing program for the Daycare which my wife had helped the children and teachers prepare for.
The youngest children in the Daycare with Teacher Cynthia and assistant Miss Blessing Teacher Cynthia leading some of her students Teacher Margaret leading her kids Jessica leading her students Showcasing the amazing work that these 4-6 year-olds have accomplished in the year
This daycare was begun with the purpose of meeting a need in the community (although we believe it is best when mothers can care for their own children we realize that many don't/won't do that as they seek employment outside the home and we want to at least giv…

We Love VBS!!! and other events this summer

Very shortly after finishing up the school year, we had our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School) week!    We are the only congregation in this neighborhood (probably even in this whole city of over 1.5 million people) that has a VBS each year.  That's because VBS is for KIDS!  Most do not care about the kids - after all, what resources do kids have to offer to the church?  But in Christ's Church we DO CARE about the kids!  Their souls are just as precious and valuable as adults and we want them to know that Jesus loves them and wants to spend eternity with them.  So we just put a banner outside the building and approximately 200 children from the neighborhood come to hear a Bible story, play some games, watch a Bible video, sing Bible songs, eat a snack, and make a Bible craft!  Everyone in the Church (especially those in their teens and early 20's) works together so well to make this week successful. This year we were very blessed and excited to have Jonny and Jenni Reijge…

End of the School Year 2012-2013

The last month of the school year, June, held some very fun and special times!  We have an annual costume day for all the staff and students to use their imagination in creating a costume from scratch and  wearing it to school on Costume Day!  The theme for this year was "SuperHeroes" and our family decided to be the Incredibles.  Our kids had never seen the movie so we let them watch a few scenes from it and Zion was excited to be Dash while Havilah got to be Violet.   Nile was the baby, Jack Jack :) Some of the students in their homemade costumes... Another annual fun day is Field Day!  After a hard year's work in school, we take the students to the Botanical Gardens on the University campus to enjoy a snack and games in the grass. Foot races at the end of the day Group picture!  How many kids can you count in the tree? :)
Quoting Scripture verses from memory during Awards Night
With the three high school graduates, Christiana, Alima, and Jackson, who were all student…