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Medical Care in Kerala

Dear Family and Friends,
God has been so good to us, especially these past few weeks with all our health challenges, travels, and hospital visits. We prayerfully decided to make the trip to India trusting that the Lord would provide and He did! God fully provided the cost of travel and medical as well, thanks to the kind generosity of the saints, you all!  We wanted to report back to you with the results of our trip.                          Medical reports

Havilah: Praise God Havilah had a successful surgery. She was operated on by Dr. Binu, the same doctor who repaired her left side hernia about 6 years earlier. She is recovering well and is as cheerful and chipper as ever. So thankful to have that done!

Attah: Unfortunately I couldn’t get my surgery done. The main reason was that it was not inflamed at the time of examination so the doctor said he wouldn’t know how much to cut off without seeing for himself how large it gets when inflamed.  I did do a sleep study which …