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Making Memories in May!

It's been a few months now, but we wanted to share some pictures from the wonderful times God gave us in May! The month of May is when we have our annual family vacation, a time where we take a break from ministry as a whole and just focus on strengthening our family unit and team.  It was a long 9 hour trip to get to the beach...                             ... But we stopped for a picnic with Mom's homemade "KFC" - Kumasi Fried Chicken! :)   The memories made and the quality time with our kids and with each other and close ministry partners made it very much worth it!

When we returned to Kumasi, it was back to work immediately!  Jessica and her Mom planned and led the annual church Ladies' Retreat.  This year was the first time we've extended the retreat to last two days instead of just 24 hours upon everyone's request that we make it longer - even though it meant all the ladies had to sacrifice to save up twice as much money to pay for two days at the re…