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Since our return, we've had a bit of culture shock to deal with (as usual) while we try to wrap our heads around the vast economic differences and living conditions.  So many things are much more expensive (furniture, gasoline, electronics, appliances, vehicles) while income is so much lower.  It is a harsh reality.  The electricity is unreliable and coping with the high humidity and heat is a readjustment.  Tropical weather also fosters much more mold and dirt to clean.  Cleaning is another challenge as the city water which we rely on at our rented home has been off frequently.  Curious how we cope when there is no water for several days? Well, the dirty dishes pile up and the laundry starts to mold and cleaning the bathrooms and mopping is put on hold (except for when your toddler tracks poop through the house 😵), but we buy these bags of water to use for hand washing, teeth brushing, filling the water filter to drink, and for showers.  After a day of doing anything (and we…

Back to Base

From America to Ghana We have soo much to be thankful for! On the 19th of October we set off with our family of 8 people, 23 suitcases (not including personal items), a large double jogging stroller and a baby carrier and began our 30+ hours journey back to Ghana! Flights were smooth except for the fact that half of us were dealing with bad colds. The kids were good travelers and we are thankful everything worked out. We arrived in Ghana Saturday night and spent the night. It was good to be welcomed by Grandma and Grandpa and the Wonder family from Cape Coast. We assembled with the saints in Accra on Lord’s Day morning and headed up to Kumasi that evening. We had some car trouble so it took us a lot longer than we had expected. Just thankful everything worked out.                                                                                               Trying to fit everything in the van
Getting settled- We’ve been working on getting settled- lots of unpacking, assessing situation a…