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Renovations & Start of School

Soon after camp was the starting of school. We had to make several renovations on the premises but never had the time (Our daycare doesn't go on breaks except National Holidays) or we never had adequate funds to do it. But…. God, being soooo Good, He provided us with the funds and we used a short break before the start of the new school year to get the work done. We were able to get much accomplished within a relatively short time with the help of many from the church.  Some of the work included painting the entire building, re-concreting the compound, changing the school kitchen from being a storage room to be a real working kitchen to provide meals for kids, etc. Aside from the majority of the concrete work, we decided to do it ourselves. Because the building is multi-used by the gym, daycare, Christian school, and church, we had a pool of people coming together to help which was a blessing!  The masons, members of our gym, resurfacing the gym floor
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