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To Bolga and Back

We were blessed in the month of March to make a trip up North as a family to encourage the brethren in our sister congregation up North. We had a great Men’s seminar and had a very eventful trip. These are a couple of highlights of our trip.
The next day, Todd and Francis joined us in the car and we headed back to Kumasi, being sure to stop at the waterfall for an hour of splashing! We were very thankful to be able to make this trip and for the benefit to the Kingdom that it was - encouraging the Akola family and the congregation in Bolga; toughening ourselves (Attah and Zion) to be able to sleep anywhere, eat anything while sharing the Word with others; and spending time with our family and others in the car on the trip.  We would really love to be able to make more such trips but are going to need a vehicle (the car was borrowed and not very suitable for the long trip with many potholes) to do so.  That is our hope and prayer request right now - that God would provide a vehicle for t…