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Making a Move

We have been praying for the school as we minister there daily, especially in regards to expansion and space to resolve over-crowding, as well as my wife's health issues (fibromyalgia and IBS primarily) and for God to keep making a way for her to stay involved in the school ministry. God being so good, the building right next to the school has become vacant and available to us. We are really hoping to use the additional space for overflow for the school and to be our family’s home.
     It is a three bedroom duplex house with a guest quarters separate from the main house containing three rooms as well. It has its own compound (walled yard) and seems perfect for our purposes.
How would it help the ministry?
It would provide us with 3 rooms (the guest quarters at the back) we could use for special school activities/volunteers/guests Landlord has even agreed to let us make a small gate joining to the school property It would be convenient for youth meetings/ Sunday school as it's…

Ladies Retreat 2019

We praise God for the ongoing daily, steady work of training young minds and hearts in the Christian school, creating a safe haven for children with special needs to be nurtured and included, and also seeking to be a community of full-time and volunteer staff who challenge each other!  Some of our staff members are currently in a special weekends-only program to explore new methods and alternate ways of making the learning experience relevant to all students.  They are learning how to benefit our students but it has also revealed the benefit that the school's wholistic approach has had on the staff!  One of our teachers is a single mom from Muslim background who started working as our janitor a few years ago but showed a keen mind and interest in learning.  We worked with her schedule to provide English tutoring and over the years she has learned to read and write and continues her education on a flexible schedule while working as a teacher's assistant now.  She wasn't su…