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Preparation Plans

To return to Ghana as missionaries by September 2012 we have to plan and prepare!  These are our three phases:

Right now we are in the prayer phase and invite you to join us!  We have started a prayer group and you can ask to be included (by email or facebook or yes, even snail mail!).  We will keep you updated with pretty regular specific prayer requests of things we will need God's help with to overcome (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) in preparation for and upon return to Ghana.  We know God answers prayers in amazing ways and so we will also rejoice in sharing with you our praises as well!  Here are some of our recent prayer request posts:
"A prayer and a praise. Our hearts have been heavy for a little while now with the news of the death of a brother-in-Christ in Ghana. He left behind a wife (Gloria) and three children, Rahel, Gilbert, and Gifty. The youngest is just three years old. He had been sick for several years with a failing liver bu…


As we hinted at before, Ghana is a TOUGH place to live.  So as the saying goes....when the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.... or something like that!  In preparation for returning to Ghana, we HAVE GOT to get our bodies prepared!  Jessica started out by joining a weightloss challenge and taking an early morning bootcamp fitness class.  Twelve weeks later and quite a bit fitter, she won the challenge and prize money!  Yay!  Attah participated in a powerlifting competition back in December - and won.  It did help that there weren't any other competitors in his bodyweight division. :)

 Seriously, though, we want to be as effective as we can be and hit the ground running when we get back to Ghana, Lord Willing!!!, by early September 2012.  Jessica is training for a race with a friend in Richmond in TWO WEEKS!  Kinda scary - this will be her first race and it looks like quite an interesting one!  Check out the link here! Disclaimer: we're not going for…


  You can endure anything when you think it's just temporary.  Our family's stay in the States since June 2011 has been a good example of this.  We didn't intend to come and stay here for as long as we have, it all came about so suddenly and we were not prepared for it; but we quickly threw together a home with the help of generous and kind folks here and certainly weren't picky about the color of the towels or brand of pots and pans or size of beds or matching sheets.  After all, we were just making do for a short while.  "It's just temporary," we tell ourselves.  When we try to give a squirmy 8 month old a bath in the kitchen sink and start to wish for a home with a bathtub in it, we think to ourselves, "Hold on - it's just temporary!"  When we see dirty clothes growing mold and wish we had a washer and dryer in the apartment so we could wash clothes more frequently we quickly remind ourselves, "It's just temporary!  What's th…