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Goings and Comings

Attah headed down to Accra to fly out to North Carolina with Nile on New Year's Day.
This was a difficult time for us to be separated (our wedding anniversary and Zion's birthday would come and go before we were reunited) but the trip had to be made and tickets purchased rather last minute.  Attah was scheduled for his naturalization interview on the 7th of January and took Nile with him on the trip.  Our strategy was to "divide and conquer"!  With only Zion and Havilah under wing, Jessica was still able to go to school each day and teach while Nile and Attah had some good Daddy/Son time!   We praise God that Attah's interview was successful and to our surprise they went ahead and completed the whole process the same day (instead of scheduling a follow up later on as usual) so he walked out of the immigration office as a US CITIZEN!  They had a difficult time getting back to Ghana due to having to get a new passport, but while they were in the States they were e…