What A Week!

Owie!  What a way to end this wild week!
But first...
Started off with Zion's birthday fun which was double fun this year because our good friends, the Jantuah family, were staying with us and Stephen Jantuah and Zion share a birthday!  So we took a little trip to the beautiful Lake Bosomtwe for a birthday treat and then had cake later.  Zion and Zoe got to ride horses while the other kids splashed in the lake.  The time at the lake was refreshing, but the road to get there was TERRIBLE 😲.

The next day was Mr. KK's funeral.  In such a tough time, we still give thanks to God.  He was glorified as the Words of eternal salvation were preached to the many hundreds gathered together and the church family was able to draw closer together and be a support and comfort for the Karikari family.  We continue to keep their future in prayer.

The following day was our 13th wedding Anniversary and we praise God for this amazing, full life w…

Holiday Hosting

We celebrate Christ and holiness every day - not just at Christ"mas" or "holydays"- but when the world recognizes these special days and gives extra time off from regular work days, then we get to enjoy the opportunity to gather together with friends and family and make precious memories of fellowship, sharing, laughing, eating, praying, singing, Bible studying, and playing together!  It has been a wonderfully full time with a full home as we have enjoyed hosting several families visiting for the special events of these holidays - from the wedding to Christmas and New Years and staying until the upcoming funeral.  Most of the time we have been too immersed in the moment to take pictures, but here are a few!

Probably the highlight of the day was visiting Kwame in the hospital recovering from the surgery on his leg.  Our kids used their own savings from chores to buy some gifts to take to him and all the kids in the ward and we are so glad that the doctor said the s…

The Grinch

For some reason, earlier in December I told my husband that "it just didn't feel like Christmas" and I have often been thinking about how it does not feel like "the most wonderful time of the year" for so many people.  No, I haven't been a Grinch 😆, but I have just been more retrospective and thoughtful.  I guess God was preparing my heart to deal with some heavy stuff.  Since our last blog post, we have had a Christmas program, a school excursion, a birthday, a wedding and a death. We have rejoiced, laughed, celebrated, sobbed, hugged, smiled, cried, and surrendered it all to Jesus.  In some ways, I think this will be the best Christmas yet - it will really hit home to us how Christ's birth was a story that encompassed it all - rejoicing angels, weary travelers, scared and uncertain new mother, the pain of childbirth, the hope of Simeon and Anna, grateful magi, adoring shepherds, grudging innkeepers, caring and protective new father, and mourning mot…

Croup and Christmas Party

From a rough week of dealing with a case of croup, to an exciting ending with our annual staff Christmas Party, it's been an eventful time!  This time of year, the Harmattan winds blow dry dust down from the Sahara desert and it is our version of "flu season".  Many respiratory illnesses make the rounds and cases of pink eye are also common right now.  Cyrene had a three-day fever and croup cough which lasted about a week and although some of the rest of the family have milder coughs and runny noses, we seem to be on the recovery.

           Matthew and Benaiah love to come over after school and hang out with Gilead and Nile.
 We are sooooo thrilled to finally share that Matthew and his mother have been able to move back into town and what a delight it is to daily see his smile and happiness as he is reunited with his buddies (especially Gilead) and gets to play with them and enjoy the structure of a safe school environment while trying to learn English again.  We are e…