A Bibliophile's Birthday

This week was my (Jessica's) birthday and anyone who knows me well knows that I love books and kids and sweet stuff!  So this birthday was made perfect by my wonderful hubby and kids and friends with a new library room at school, kids surrounding me, and special treats to sweeten the day! Hubby made cinnamon rolls from scratch!  Quite impressed!
He also worked so hard - carpentry, contracting, and doing so much to get the new container classroom ready for use just in time for my birthday! It is now our new library room on one side!
The other side will have a study area and computers when we are able to complete it.

Love seeing the kids enjoy books in this new space and knowing that moving the library here is creating more space for the other classrooms to accommodate more of our special students. No more sitting on the floor for some of our newer special students like Kwame who now gets space for a desk!
In our home, we have been enjoying story time almost every evening after Bib…

Pressing On!

We just finished up our 3rd week of school! It feels like we've been going a lot longer but God has been good to us and supplied us with the strength and the health we need to keep teaching!
                             The 3rd grade class
                        Some of my 4th graders.
While we are waiting for the container classroom to be completed, we are in a makeshift classroom on the porch of the 3rd grade classroom.  Things can be a bit scattered and crazy but we are making do!
                                                     Morning assembly for the students
                                          We have fun in school learning lots of new songs

Congrats to Mrs. Abanga (One of our teachers) on the birth of their baby girl.
Baby Julia arrived on the same day as another little girl's birthday, Baby Yaa, as everyone calls her; and she had a lovely birthday party at the school/assembly building this week.  We've been enjoying having weekly Bible studies in our …

School Starts

Gearing up and preparing for the second term of the academic year, entailed much planning, working out details, and organization.  We are thankful for the great unity of staff members who gathered together for a long staff meeting to discuss and plan for the new year and that as the student population grows, we welcome on board a few new staff members this month. Also, in addition to helping in school every morning, Jessica has started doing Preschool work with Gilead and his buddies, Matthew and Benaiah, at home every afternoon. These kids can crack you up with the funny things they say!  Galilee said tracing the lines was too hard because, "the lines are slippery" 😂 and when they were to guess why the lights were off in the house in the story they said, "probably the power was off". 😮 Their excitement is contagious and it is fun to hear Matthew speaking more and more sentences in English.

Working on construction of a container classroom - excited to be making …

What A Week!

Owie!  What a way to end this wild week!
But first...
Started off with Zion's birthday fun which was double fun this year because our good friends, the Jantuah family, were staying with us and Stephen Jantuah and Zion share a birthday!  So we took a little trip to the beautiful Lake Bosomtwe for a birthday treat and then had cake later.  Zion and Zoe got to ride horses while the other kids splashed in the lake.  The time at the lake was refreshing, but the road to get there was TERRIBLE 😲.

The next day was Mr. KK's funeral.  In such a tough time, we still give thanks to God.  He was glorified as the Words of eternal salvation were preached to the many hundreds gathered together and the church family was able to draw closer together and be a support and comfort for the Karikari family.  We continue to keep their future in prayer.

The following day was our 13th wedding Anniversary and we praise God for this amazing, full life w…

Holiday Hosting

We celebrate Christ and holiness every day - not just at Christ"mas" or "holydays"- but when the world recognizes these special days and gives extra time off from regular work days, then we get to enjoy the opportunity to gather together with friends and family and make precious memories of fellowship, sharing, laughing, eating, praying, singing, Bible studying, and playing together!  It has been a wonderfully full time with a full home as we have enjoyed hosting several families visiting for the special events of these holidays - from the wedding to Christmas and New Years and staying until the upcoming funeral.  Most of the time we have been too immersed in the moment to take pictures, but here are a few!

Probably the highlight of the day was visiting Kwame in the hospital recovering from the surgery on his leg.  Our kids used their own savings from chores to buy some gifts to take to him and all the kids in the ward and we are so glad that the doctor said the s…