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December seems to hold so many events and activities .... and wonderful opportunities for doing good and sharing Christ's love with your friends and family and community, don't you think? So far, the month has started off with a BRIDAL SHOWER for a soon-to-be bride, Blessing Abiba, which all the ladies attended.

There was more celebration with our dear Gilead's 5th birthday!  He is a shy kinda guy and rather than a big party he preferred to enjoy a birthday outing to play at the mall and cake and presents at family night.  We thank God for his life!  We pray for wisdom to train and equip him to share the Gospel and be a huge blessing in this world when he grows up.  In case you missed it on Facebook, here is a video we captured of him "preaching" in the living room to his siblings recently.

We are also thankful for a chance to get to visit these little twins now at home from the hospital and doing well.  Sooooo teeny!

Meet Atta and Ataa                         …

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Happy Thanksgiving from Our family! 
The up-coming holiday called for some experimenting with new recipes to make some special treats with ingredients that were allowed on my (Jessica's) prescribed diet.
The pumpkin muffins were a win for the whole family!
And the pecan brownies were pretty good too.

          We still had school each day, but at night the kids were enthusiastic to help with the food prep.
Precious family memories were made and sweetest of all was seeing some of our family around the world via technology for which we are so THANKful!

                                 Tuesday was Ellis' birthday and we all celebrated his special day! Such a joy seeing him grow and remembering his birth which I was privileged to attend/help as Esther delivered  him right into his father's capable hands.  Now they are expecting a second son and I am looking forward to assisting again. 😊

 There was also a work day at the church/school building on Saturday for the men to cl…

On the Run

Been a lot of running around lately... both literally and figuratively. I reconnected with a previous acquaintance (parent of a kid in our school) who goes running in the mornings and started joining him every morning at 5:00 am. Hoping to get in better aerobic shape and hoping for a Bible study to develop out of it.
Also made several trips to hospitals to visit Brother Boateng before
and after his brain surgery...
and the wife of my administrative assistant, Mr. Marfo, who just had twins. Welcome Atta and Ataa! Hospital visits are emotional for my wife especially. Seeing so many people in such tough circumstances with no choice but to endure for as long as it may take for the doctors to finally get you in their overworked schedule and hope for the best... the crowded wards with no privacy and constant noise and no mosquito nets... family members have to sleep outside on cardboard if they stay overnight and don’t have anywhere in the city to lodge.  Yet it is a chance to show care and H…

Yep, another update

Getting mostly settled back in now!  After a few more days of crazy busy with painting, cleaning, and re-arranging and our home was ready for use - just in time for a new Bible study with a husband and wife couple which we are very excited about.
Looking forward to more contacts developing into regular studies as well.  Lots of spiritual meat this past week as there was a men's seminar on Thursday-Saturday which was encouraging and full of Biblical discussion and lessons.  It was great to see friends from afar who came in for the seminar and the wives and kids had fun fellowship in our home.  After a great assembly and fellowship meal on the Lord's Day, we started back into the regular routine of school each morning.  Going into the school and hearing a chorus of "Mr. O! Mr. O!" shouts from all the little ones was fun :)

The University has still not resumed classes, so our brother-in-Christ Moses (who is normally busy with classes and lectures as a pharmacy student…


Since our return, we've had a bit of culture shock to deal with (as usual) while we try to wrap our heads around the vast economic differences and living conditions.  So many things are much more expensive (furniture, gasoline, electronics, appliances, vehicles) while income is so much lower.  It is a harsh reality.  The electricity is unreliable and coping with the high humidity and heat is a readjustment.  Tropical weather also fosters much more mold and dirt to clean.  Cleaning is another challenge as the city water which we rely on at our rented home has been off frequently.  Curious how we cope when there is no water for several days? Well, the dirty dishes pile up and the laundry starts to mold and cleaning the bathrooms and mopping is put on hold (except for when your toddler tracks poop through the house 😵), but we buy these bags of water to use for hand washing, teeth brushing, filling the water filter to drink, and for showers.  After a day of doing anything (and we…