A Do-It-Yourself Move

You know how moving to a different house can flip your world upside down for a while? Yep!  It's been pretty crazy around here, but we are sooooooo thankful and excited!  We finally got all moved into our new home right next to the school!  Believe it or not, the landlords still haven't finished the plumbing (our water tank still leaks), the electrical work (some parts of the house still need sockets and wiring), or the painting (they did finish inside but the entire outside hasn't been touched) but we had to go ahead and make the move anyway because the summer school break was fast approaching the end!  So far, we are extremely happy with the QUIETER street; more room for the kids and guests; wonderful cool breezes we get here; and being able to pop right over to the school/assembly building to help serve more!  We are beyond grateful and appreciative to all who helped make this move possible!
Yup, the workers were tiling the kitchen by the light of their cellphone 😆😆


Field Day Fun!

The year of school has drawn to an end with a flurry of final tests, report cards, farewells, and a fabulous, fun final day out in the botanical gardens on the nearby university campus.  What fun it was to be together out in an open grassy field to bring closure to the year of hard work, training, education, and diligent child care.  We especially thank God for the cloud cover which gave shady, cooler weather but didn't rain on us. Get ready! Get set!......... ....And GO!!!!
We had games, races, balloons and bubbles

So much enjoyable fellowship filled with laughter among friends, siblings, staff and students.