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     We were blessed to attend a winter preaching retreat in Hanover, VA this past weekend. The preacher said, "God is Light!"   (See here for the whole thought-provoking sermon -

     The first time I ever heard that God is not to be pictured as some old man with a beard sitting on a throne in the clouds and Jesus with blue eyes, long hair and scarred hands sitting beside Him but rather as bright, blazing light/glory I thought to myself, "How boring and unintriguing!  Just this great ball of blinding white light!"  With amazement I realized how wrong I was the first time I ever visited Times Square.  Who wouldn't want to visit famous Times Square in the heart of New York City?  I was excited to get there!  Standing in the middle of the square and looking up all around me I saw....tons of huge billboards!  What a great disappointment!  But wait... it was strangely…