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Kid's Camp 2013

In August 2013, we had the first kids camp we've ever had. The age range was from 10 to 14. It was held in Kumasi, but we had participants from all over the country. It was great and exciting! The theme was "Bible Basics Bootcamp". We gave an overview of the Patriarchal Age, the Mosaic Age, and also the Christian Age. We also had lots of skits, Bible videos, activities and crafts, and also great recreation! The Camp was a great opportunity for our youth in the church to serve as team leaders and dorm dads and moms. We also really appreciated having volunteers visiting from the States, Mrs. Ivy Brothers, Mrs. Melissa Lewis, and Tiffany Moore who helped out and were a personal encouragement to us during this time!  It was a great success and the kids were REALLY excited about everything!!! It was fun to teach such an excited group! Many kept asking us if we were going to do it weekly like Bible club or an all summer VBS. To say the least, they've encouraged us to do i…