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Travels...and a New Home

If you have been able to follow us on Facebook then you can see that we've have a very busy but very blessed spring/summer of travels.  We couldn't even keep up with posting pictures of everyone and everywhere we have visited, it has been so busy! We are very thankful for the wonderful, genuine hospitality and generosity shown to us and we are refreshed, motivated, and encouraged to return to Ghana (although a bit tired out physically from the toll on our bodies of traveling).

 We are also excited to return and move into a NEW HOME!  Looking on an online site for rentals in Kumasi recently we found a four bedroom apartment for rent. It was right in the neighborhood we needed to be in and it was an incredible, almost unbelievably good price (even cheaper than our two bedroom used to be!).  So our dear parents in Ghana checked it out for us, sent us pictures, and a few weeks later we are now the new renters of this new home for our growing family to move into upon our return.  …

Our Daycare for the Kingdom!

God has been so good over the past three years that we have have been able to serve through the daycare ministry. We have begun another academic year successfully praise God!!! We are grateful for our great team of staff members who are helping up not only to teach academics to these kids but teach them valuable character traits and stories about Jesus and the Bible. We are overwhelmed with the many open doors the Lord is opening for us. There is so much going on that we wish to share with you all in person but for now, here is a little glimpse. Ms. Esther handling the Nursery I classroom with her two assistants Mrs. Sherrie teaching some Nursery II kids Ms. Joana doing story time with the Nursery II kids Ms. Christiana handling her Kindergarten I Class Boys' story time in Kindergarten II Girls story time in Kindergarten II Mrs. Jessica teaching the Learning To Read Program Mrs. Jessica teaching Adult ladies class RANDOM PIC throughout this year A parent of one of the kids who is…