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Cameroon Picture Blog

We were blessed with the opportunity to visit Cameroon to spend time to encourage Jeremiah and Brittney & family in Cameroon. It was a good change in pace for us and also timely mutual encouragement as well. Though so much happened that it would take a small book to record, here are a few pictures of some of the highlights of our trip.
Getting there was a challenge but we persevered, God blessed, and we finally flew into Cameroon two days behind schedule.
It was wonderful to see our family again and especially for us to all meet the newest cousins on both sides, Gilead and Carys.  Here is Hannah and Gilead, the oldest and youngest of our two families.
Kids having fun climbing the "mountain" that Uncle Jeremiah landscaped.  The cousins had many adventures, fights, hugs, fun, and all-round bonding during this visit! We enjoyed seeing some sites with the Hostetters who are not only excellent hosts but also quite knowledgable and fun "tour guides". Our first hike …