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Kids Camp 2014!!!

So blessed to be able to impact the kids again through our annual Kids Camp 2014. It took place during the summer school vacation in August and we had a number of participants from sister congregations and our community. It was a great time of encouraging and unpacking what it means to "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength"…Mk 12:30. We had a great group of teachers, volunteers, and campers! Enjoy the pictures
All the campers making t-shirts
Zion and Havilah were happy to be part of everything even though they were too young to be official campers :)
Lesson times - Loving God with all our heart George Owusu returned from Cameroon for a few months and was one of our many wonderful volunteer helpers for the camp Had Mr Hostetter teach on Loving God with all your strength
Feats of strength competition was popular among the kids And also hilarious and got the point across Memory work time
What a delight to see all those kids with open Bibles as they dove into …