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Zach Tanner: The Intern

This past summer, we were blessed with the opportunity of having Zach Tanner come and spend it with us. He was a good friend of mine back when I was a student at MACU, and he was a great help to our ministry. He said he would do whatever was necessary for the ministry to move forward so I put him to the test. :) He led music and devotions a couple of times in church assemblies, taught in school regularly, did a lot of maintenance work, was the guest speaker for our college aged "youth" meetings, helped expand the gym, helped train and pray with individuals in the gym, led a VBS in the village, helped fix up the school kitchen, worked with young kids in the school to help them be regularly attending church meetings, etc.
First thing we did was to go shopping in Central Market (the largest open-air market in West Africa) for  second-hand clothing to look professional for school and to get a feel for the city. Enjoying coconut milk! Well... sort of :) Working hard at men's …

We love having visitors!!!

Just a few days after returning from our visit to Cameroon, we were excited to welcome our own visitors to Ghana from the States!   Attah's brother George, his wife (Alyssa) and three kids (Arioch, Jemimah, and Matthias) came back to Ghana for month long visit.
Zach Tanner, a friend of Attah's who is a MACU student, also arrived to begin his summer internship with us.  They did so much to encourage and motivate us all while here. George spoke to some of our young adults during youth nite and also taught us a new song. 
We held another Strong Man competition in the gym and all the guys were glad to see George again. "The Bear" "The Rock" We also put our visitors to work.  They were helpful and willing to do anything that needed to be done.  From hard physical labor to .... teaching the little kids in the Daycare while the ladies went for their Annual Ladies Retreat! Jessica Teaching at the retreat Alyssa worked hard too - teaching at the retreat and also l…