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Start of School

Upon arriving, we had two weeks to get ready for school. We were pleased to come and find the school doing well after we had been away for 5 months. We really appreciated our team working hard together! This year school started up on the 8th of September. There was a lot of prep work that needed to be done- shelves/offices needed to be made and painted, a lot of cleaning and disinfecting, porches needed to be enclosed, etc. God being so good we were able to get all things painted and all the furniture we need at the moment made.
Painting offices with Jeffrey, a young man in the Christian school Freshly painted closet in a classroom Our first day of school We really appreciate all who have helped out so we could begin to enclose our porches. The contract was given to these people in the picture because they seemed most knowledgeable and professional and promised completion within a week. It has now been a month! Quite frustrating but in all things though, we give thanks! God is teach…