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To Prison ...and a few other places

During the long break from school (summer vacation), we were able to travel and visit some brethren in other parts of Ghana. We were delighted to be invited by the Akolas to go with them to Hohoe in the Volta region for the very first time! We got to encourage the Lantame Family and take part in a mini VBS. Our kids had a blast with their 4 kids and had fun working on the farm and also visiting a waterfall and hiking. We are grateful for the chance to build memories with our kids and between our three families.

We also had the opportunity to visit with family in Accra on two trips. On one trip we wend together with fellow missionaries, the Wonder family and were able to enjoy fellowship with them as well as get some necessary paperwork done. We enjoyed encouraging the saints in Accra as well.
Celebrating Chloe's birthday in a mall in Accra
   Thankful for all the safety in our travels! Driving through some flooding in Accra.

I also took the opportunity to make a trip with Godwin …