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Close of School & Living Water

God has been so good to us we have had the successful end of another school year! Really appreciate all our staff and students who have worked hard throughout the year through various challenges like power outages, water shortages, and many sicknesses.  At the end of the school year, we had a field trip for each of t he classes. We are so thankful for the mission van we have available to carry the students to the different locations.
Kids having fun at KFC (first time for many of them)
Nursery I & II kids visiting the airport
Kindergarteners having a movie day at 7 Wonders cinema run by fellow workers for Christ!

Fun Day at the Botanical Gardens for First Grade and up!
Nile and his class officially done with Kindergarten!!!
We have been praying towards the construction of a borehole for years now so we can have access to clean water daily. Thankfully God has made it a possibility!! So many thanks to all who helped to sponsor this project!  We now have access to between 2000…