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To and Fro

It has been a personal goal of ours to try and visit and encourage our brethren working in other congregations. God has since opened many doors for us to do that. Bolga Men’s Retreat This March, our family made a commitment to travel up to Bolgatanga in the Northern Region of Ghana. This region is very HOT and really dry as it is closer to the Sahara desert. It was a long 10 hour drive from Kumasi to get there. The bad roads didn’t help the kids’ car sickness either but we were thankful to make it safely!  Upon arrival we were able to meet and encourage the evangelist, Adam Akola, & family who are serving up there and are running a Christian School as well. It was refreshing to see their dedicated work, be encouraged by them, and encourage as well. We took along Zion’s classmate, Benjamin Opoku (whose father is the local evangelist in a town near Kumasi), so he could see what it is like to serve the Lord in other parts of Ghana. I took Zion and Benjamin with me for the annual Men’s…

A Belated Update!

It is a privilege to be alive and to be able to serve in the Lord’s Kingdom! God has been good to us and has seen us safely into a new year and given us the strength as well as the opportunity to serve on a daily basis. This blog post is long overdue but we hope you enjoy! Since January 2014, the daycare has been growing! We have had many new admissions for the daycare/preschool Kingdom Kids International Daycare which we began just 16 months ago with one teacher and 10 children.  As of February 2014 we are currently maxed out with 75 kids and now employing 11 teachers and assistants. We have to turn others away or put them onto a waiting list because we do not have enough space to cater for all the children who would like to come. We even raised the fees, haven’t done any advertising, and our signboard was knocked down by a tree yet we still have people coming almost daily to ask about admission!  Truly it seems like God has chosen to bless this Business as Mission project in an amazi…