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Konkomba Trip

KONKOMBA TRIP Attah and Zion were really blessed to have made a trip to the Konkomba area of Ghana to encourage the brethren there. It was a great, but challenging trip. We encountered heavy rain on our way up there.All our luggage couldn’t fit inside the vehicle so it was stuffed in and tied to the back. The vehicle we had hired had several leaks also so we all got wet. The trip took over 12 hours as we had to get to the river early enough to catch the ferry to the other side so we could finish our trip.We had a great preaching camp while there! Very encouraging. The hospitality of the local brethren was superb as they fed us and made sure we had everything we needed.It was pretty rugged, though, with no electricity or running water. In the van with our crew of brethren from Kumasi Guarding our luggage from the rain Napping on the Trip - the kids were great troopers and it was good for them to experience life in a part of Ghana that is much poorer than the city. Our future leaders - some …