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Upon our Return

As we sat down to type this blog post, it was so good for us to list all of the many ways God has blessed our return to Ghana.  Of late, there have also been many little challenges to face, but listing all of the "thankfuls" first helps us keep the right perspective!
      We had a really smooth trip!  From North Carolina to New York to Dubai to Accra to Kumasi - four days of travels - many things could have gone wrong, but God watched over us and we made all connections on time, were blessed with extra seats to spread out a bit on the planes, kids had great attitudes and were well behaved, our bodies stayed healthy and strong, and none of our luggage got lost.
It was wonderful to be met in Accra by family and the blessing of nice weather!                                      We have loved getting to see family and friends again.

The weather has been exceptionally cool and cloudy - no difficulty weaning ourselves off of air-conditioning :) If you want to come visit us, this…

Count down to Take Off!!!

We have 10 Days left !!! Thats right! Our 4 month time in the States has been really great! We've been able to meet a lot of people, develop and strengthen bonds, serve others, and have some R & R times. Now we are rejuvenated and preparing to head back to Ghana in just 10 days!!!  Our whole summer has been full of packing and going. Now we are going to pack up and go for the last time this summer! This is what our days look like now. Packing, ordering last minute stuff, packing some more, weighing stuff, repacking, and then packing some more, and on and on and on it goes :)
Trying to gather all we need before we leave
Our "high tech" but very efficient and handsome weighing system (Attah on bathroom scales with the luggage on his head!)
Some of the 13 suitcases we will be taking back not including carry-ons and personal items

Sounds like a lot of suitcase space but there is always more than will fit!  So we have to prioritize and take the most needed stuff to Ghana…