Today is a good day to get over some food poisoning and update our blog!  This post is about Jessica and the kids.  The next will be about Attah's work.
We are so thankful to be serving God, making a difference, reaching souls, and thriving as a family too!  Jessica has been teaching the youngest Learning Center in BCA for five weeks now.  It is a small but rambunctious class!  Two students are learning to read (halfway through the Learning-to-Read program already!), one is learning to speak English as well as learning to read, one is doing first grade schoolwork, two are at a preschool level, and one (Nile) is into everything!  Jessica is excited at the progress they are all making and loving doing what she believes her God-given talent is, teaching.  The students are enjoying school immensely and our kids are very happy to have good friends they see in school each day and also in Sunday school class (which Jessica has also been helping teach) and evening assemblies as well.  We are still living with Jessica's parents for now and the kids love having time with the grandparents they missed for the past 18 months.  Havilah had her third birthday and requested a tea party which was a lot of fun and a wonderful blessing to spend time with her cousins on Attah's side of the family.  Jessica has gradually been getting reaquainted with and involved with the ladies in the Church and has also been helping manage and facilitate the start up of the daycare (Kingdom Kids International Daycare).  But more on that later!  Enjoy the pictures!
Jessica's class
Jessica taught Wendy's mom how to read many years ago!
Scott is just precious!
Havilah takes seriously her job of helping Kingsley learn English!
Coloring, playing, learning buddies Jeremiah and Havilah

Getting lots of perfect scores on his tests!

and Nile's into everything!

We got to take the students to the little zoo in town!




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