Phase III

We are now in the third and final phase of our plans!  Packing!!!  So many little details and complicated co-ordination to be worked out as we gather the last donations for our shipping container!  Our days are full and even at night when we lay our heads down and try to sleep the wheels keep turning and turning and turning!  Have to remember to.... make sure we don't forget ..... who else do we need to call.....what else did we need to do....?  Hope we stay sane and strong and get it all done!  We are extremely thankful and super excited for the great donations we are being blessed with!  It is going to be so great to go back to Ghana adequately equipped to carry out our grand plans!  We should have enough items to fill the container when we load it up this THURSDAY at 2 pm in Elizabeth City!!!
Some of the donations!

A lot of items were gathered as we traveled.
The type of container we will load everything in.
Some daycare equipment still to be gathered.

We have a lot of physically demanding work ahead of us as we pack and load up the container and we appreciate the many prayers being offered on our behalf!
THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED AND MADE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE SO FAR!!!! We are especially excited about all the daycare and gym equipment as these will help the brethren in generating income locally!  However, note to ourselves: Next time we ask for donations for Africa, specify NO ICESKATES, winter coats, electric blankets, or golf clubs.  :)  I think we can use pretty much anything else.  Bless their hearts!!! ;)
We are also thankful for the pledges of support we have received so far.  Still not quite the amount we need, though, so if you want more information about making a monthly, quarterly, or yearly support pledge (act now and you get a FREE magnet too! lol) please contact us or our forwarding agent, Debbie Broyles at 409 W. Atlantic St., KDH, NC 27948.




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