Destination: Kumasi
Distance: 270 Kilometers (what we use in Ghana) approximately 167 miles
Travel Time: 6 hours

Traveling the roads in Ghana is always an adventure; not really a fun one, but necessary to getting the Word out.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that some construction work which was unfinished a year and a half ago was now complete and getting out of the capital city of Accra was pretty quick and smooth!  Yay!!!
Hawkers selling snacks under the newly constructed overpass
The kids were pretty happy to not have to be in carseats.  Better hold on tight, though!  Bumps ahead!
 Then we hit the part where construction is STILL going on.  We tried to take pictures but you just can't FEEL all the jarring bumps when you look at a picture, so it really doesn't do justice to the actual state of the roads!
 This is the major highway between the two largest cities in Ghana!
We saw very few private vehicles.  It's car-suicide to drive your vehicle on this road!
Of course, if/when your car breaks down from all the bumping around, you can just pull over to one of these many "mechanics shops" and get it looked at by an "expert".  :)
Or you can just stay right where you broke down (in the middle of the road) and work on the repairs there.

And then when another truck breaks down right beside you all the other traffic will just find another way around you.
Once we got through the "construction" it was pretty nice cruising behind this "Land Cluiser" as his tire cover claimed. :)
Until we got to the part of the highway where there were speed bumps every few miles.  Yes, speed bumps on the major highway.  Maybe they want to be sure you slow down and see the signboards advertising Satanic Powers.  That was the most appalling sight of the whole trip - seeing several large signboards for juju (voodoo) places where you could go for special powers from a juju man.  Very sad!  That's why we need to be here and need to keep spreading the Good News of God's true power to overcome sin and Satan's grip!
We finally arrived HOME in Kumasi!  Praise God!




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