Medical Care in Kerala


Dear Family and Friends,

God has been so good to us, especially these past few weeks with all our health challenges, travels, and hospital visits. We prayerfully decided to make the trip to India trusting that the Lord would provide and He did! God fully provided the cost of travel and medical as well, thanks to the kind generosity of the saints, you all!  We wanted to report back to you with the results of our trip. 
                        Medical reports

Havilah: Praise God Havilah had a successful surgery. She was operated on by Dr. Binu, the same doctor who repaired her left side hernia about 6 years earlier. She is recovering well and is as cheerful and chipper as ever. So thankful to have that done!  

Attah: Unfortunately I couldn’t get my surgery done. The main reason was that it was not inflamed at the time of examination so the doctor said he wouldn’t know how much to cut off without seeing for himself how large it gets when inflamed.  I did do a sleep study which showed obstruction levels above normal but not quite dangerous.  Also, my WBC count was disturbingly low so I was referred to a General practitioner.  I did have a minor surgery to remove a swelling in my right side which had been there and growing over the years. It was removed and sent in for biopsy and thankfully it was just a lipoma. I was also able to get my eyes checked and a new prescription for stronger glasses.

Jessica: After an endoscopy and colonoscopy and numerous blood tests, she was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and fibromyalgia. Apparently there is no cure for both of these but was given medicine to help with some of the symptoms and is supposed to be on medication for life. Glad we could find some answers to the constant pains and discomfort. So now we have to work on a diet, supplements, and lifestyle that works for her to cope with this for the rest of her life.

Zion and Gilead and Galilee had checkups as well and only had minor things of ringworm, respiratory infection, and allergic reaction. 

Spiritual Opportunities
We had the opportunity to help in the mission school while there and share daily Bible devotions and teach new songs to the kids. It was also very encouraging to be a part of Family Camp this year. It was great!!! The camp was held in the mountains so we got to enjoy nice cool weather without many mosquitoes. I got to do a lot of the preaching and teaching as the guest speaker. I really enjoyed going with my brother in law, Binoy, to some of his personal and group Bible studies. It was a great time of spiritual uplift and strengthening as we also drew on Binoy and Rebecca’s wisdom and insight on so many pertinent topics of child-raising, evangelism, cooperation, marriage, and ministry. 

Kerala Annual Family Camp 2017

 We are so very thankful for your help in making this trip possible for our family to be  
strengthened physically and spiritually!  May God bless and reward you all!


The Osebreh Family
Serving God in Ghana, West Africa
Son Rise Church of Christ
c/o Debbie Broyles
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