4 on the 4th

   That's known as your golden birthday - when your birthdate and your age coincide. Today is our Zion's Golden Birthday.  It only comes once in your lifetime.  Then it's gone.  So quickly it comes and goes, before you know it!  Maybe some of you didn't know it and your Golden Birthday has already come and gone and you missed it!  If I look at it in the grander perspective of time, childhood is like that!  It comes and goes and before you know it, they are grown and gone! Zion startled me the other day by asking, "Mommy, can I live forever?"  I wondered what train of thought had lead him to this question and asked why he wanted to live forever.  "So I can play with all my toys forever," he replied.  But before he knows it, he'll be through the toy stage of life and ready for the "real" toys - cars, motorcyles, phones, or such.  As my sister Brittney pointed out recently, supposing he is grown up and ready to leave home by the age of 20 - to get married, or go to college, or serve on another mission field, or work, or whatever plans God has planned for his life - that would mean that he has now completed a fifth of the time spent with us.  It goes so quickly, this precious time of childhood and then it's gone.  Why squander the 20 or so FEW years we have with them?  I have always had high ambitions and "visions of grandeur" for my life (and being a stay-at-home mom certainly doesn't appear too grand at times!) but this is a HIGH calling and blessing and purpose - to train up our children in the way of the Lord.  If I can devote the next several years to doing the very best job I can do with my husband's leadership and the Spirit's empowerment to mold and nurture and TRAIN (prepare) our children for the battle of being a soldier in the Lord's Army when they are of soldier age, I won't regret a minute or hour or day spent doing so!  And who knows....maybe when they are grown and gone I can get that degree or try that career or explore that hobby in all the extra time I'll have when I'm not busy being the world's best grandma! :) 

Here's a music video of a local Ghanaian song I really like.  Please watch and listen to the words!  You'll get a taste of Ghana Gospel music and see why it came to mind as I typed this post.
Joyfully, Jessica




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